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Good news on the selling front. Via Jeremy Lassen’s blog (I think) I’ve learnt that Prador Moon is in the trade paperback top five at Borderlands Books and that this is not the first time it has been there. Checking there myself I see that the month before last Brass Man was in the top ten paperbacks too. Shiny.

Also, in a break between books, I decided to sit down and produce some short stories. Maybe because I’m now more used to writing at length, these stories grew in the telling so I ended up with Alien Archaeology at 21,000 words and Owner Space at 18,000 words. I hesitate to call them ‘short’ since the stories I have submitted to magazines have usually fallen between 5,000 and 15,000 words. The good news is that though it’s long, Sheila Williams at Asimov’s has accepted Alien Archaeology.

10 thoughts on “Writing News

  1. Neil, if no-one takes "Owner Space" then I'll take a read – it's the perfect length for possible inclusion in a future Triquorum.

    I'm nowhere near Asimov's in the pay-league, but I do pay a small amount…

  2. ed. s, I doubt Night Shade Books will be doing a hardcover now, and they're American. As to the UK side, I've retained the British rights so it may come out in a collection from Macmillan. And that's a reply to you as well, Alex.

    gla bar-or, yeah, I guess I's like to get into something like that, but I would have to be a lot more computer literate than I am. To be honest, if you look at the post from Chris above, I don't really have the time, since I can't produce enough to keep up with demand from publishers.

    Daniel, thanks for that – nice to see I have made a memorable threat!

  3. I think your giant crabs are a scarier threat than the Jain, Neal.

    But I suppose since you've been using that new shampoo on your groin they have diminished somewhat… hur hur

    Bob 🙂

  4. Gal, an interesting idea, but I don't think it would be marketable, to pay to download a single short story… perhaps if the download was an mp3 recording of the author reading the story, that maybe that would be worth looking at, with each download costing whatever iTunes ask for.

  5. This is highly unproffesional but my google powers have proven to be weak. I'm a journalist working for an online news magazine and wanted to try and set up an interview with you. If it might be of interest my email is dedbutdrmng@yahoo.com.

    Sorry for spamming your blog.


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