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Righto, I’ve cleared 100,000 words of Orbus, which is always a bit a of a milestone, and the endgame progresses nicely what with a planet getting blown to smithereens and some seriously huge dreadnoughts knocking the shite out of each other.

Nice reviews appearing here there and everywhere for Line War. There’s the previously mentioned one in SFX 169 (May), a good one from Anthony Brown in Starburst 362 and others elsewhere. I particularly like this one I found on Sarcade’s Weblog. I also like it that no one has yet accused me of the Space Opera sins of anticlimax or deus ex machina.

Had a photo shoot on Wednesday: professional photographer all the way down from Bristol to take shots of me posing in the pissing rain before Maldon mudflats and trying to look cool in a scrapyard. This is for an SFX profile which should be coming out at round about the time my short story collection gets released.

Oh yeah, and not long until Shadow of the Scorpion is available.

And I note that David Gunn’s next book is out to hopefully cause Maximum Offense!

6 thoughts on “Writing News

  1. awesome i love it when you get some cool OTT action going down… be nice to see some prador again, too 😀 i'm looking forward to orbus….

    and shadow of the scorpion, which hopefully they've sorted out – my amazon eta hasn't changed so who knows? maybe i'll get it early again… :p

    line war deserves all the plaudits it can get – awesome finish to the cormac series, and no – no deus ex machinas yet, although EC – well no spoilers just in case someone hasn't read it, yet 😉

  2. Line War is rocking. i am over half finished, a fierce chest cold slowing me down, where i didn't do the typical Asher induced read-in-one-go. ;p

    i want to be a haiman now.

  3. Thanks Daniel, Shadow is definitely on its way.

    Ed, I don't see a hardcover version from Night Shade, however, it will be coming out again in Britain (like Prador Moon did) and presumably in hard back.

    Good stuff Brent – I'm still waiting for my copy of the Gunn, which was promised to me (Simon, are you listening).

    Kirby, glad it did it for you. It's rather nice to have done a lengthy series like that which satisfies at the end rather than fizzles. And yeah, as the years start catching up we all want to be haiman, or maybe be downloaded into a Golem chassis.

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