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I do like to see this. In the ‘New & Future Releases’ on Amazon.co.uk, going through to the Science Fiction section, I find Line War sitting at number two! In ‘Bestsellers’, going through to the Science Fiction section it still remains resolutely at number four. (At the time of this posting) It’s further enjoyable to see that, occasionally, checking back through that last section, as many of six of my books are in the top 100 (though only 3 today), and very often Gridlinked is amidst them. I’m hoping this means there’s those out there who’ve only just discovered my stuff and are starting at the beginning.

Update. From that Jon Courtenay Grimwood review in SFX we have: He doesn’t do combat droids; he does razor-edged combat droids with attitude. He doesn’t do alien tech; he does alien tech clumped like coral round desiccated bodies – floating in deep space with a deep desire to spear bits of his heroine.

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  1. I loved Line War and found it an excellent ending to the Cormac saga, as well as the best novel in the series. I posted more impressions in the sffworld forum and I am eagerly awaiting the Shadow of the Scorpion and the Galactic Empires collection.


  2. I’d like to see a whole novel set in the same universe as ‘The Veteran’
    Now that would go to no 1 in the charts

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