A Walk to Vori

The next walk was down from Papagianades. I took the road out to the right just to add a bit of distance and get a view back. Here you can see that road steadily being encroached on by a prickly pear cactus and some aloe vera.

This is the view back towards the village. My house is the one at the top in the middle.


These are pictures on the track down into the valley, then back up to Vori.

And here are a few in the village itself.

But as anyone can see by checking dates, this is a belated post. I have since walked many miles up in the mountains of Crete and it is getting more beautiful as everything is starting to flower. This Vori walk is one I have not repeated what with most of if being a miles long stair case. I will post further pictures that grab my eye enough for me to get the camera out (like the scene I saw today of an annihilated wind turbine blade). I must also talk about how I am now making a concerted effort to learn Greek and have, in about two weeks, learned past present and future tenses of 50 words, also how to spell them and say them correctly (with the emphasis in the right place). That’s all for now.

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