Colchester Waterstones.

Thanks to Mark, Adam and the rest of the staff at the Colchester Waterstones for having me there signing books today. Let’s hope you sell of that pile Gabble! And thanks to those who turned up to buy books. I should also add a message to others entering the store: you can check out the books since I don’t bite and I’m not going to drag you in like a Turkish market trader.

Two pictures here from Caroline’s mobile phone since I forgot my camera.

Thanks also to BHS Colchester for the slowest breakfast in recorded history.

8 thoughts on “Colchester Waterstones.

  1. One of those signed copies of The Gabble will be winging its way to the Woking branch of Waterstone's for me! Traveling up to Colchester was not an option sadly. 8(

    What was the turnout like?

    And hopefully a copy of Shadow of the Scorpion will arrive from Baker and Taylor soon.

    Hopefully my fellow Waterstonians made the day pleasant enough.

  2. I love it when I can finally get ahold of something I've been looking forward to. There's a really good all-sf/fantsay bookstore here in Sydney that should be getting some copies soon…will be sure to pick myself up a nice early christmas present.

    Hope it sells well…

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