The Engineer Books

It’s pretty picture time again. Here first is the original cover of The Engineer published by Tanjen.

‘A thought-provoking operatic romp’ – SFX.

‘This is an astonishing collection of stories’ – Genre.

Ambiguous plot and crown style. No Trek morals here’ – Dragon’s Breath.

‘Asher will soon become better known outside his native land’ – Borders.

The Engineer (a novella) and the short stories Snairls, Spatterjay, Jable sharks, The Thrake, Proctors, and The Owner.
Mysterious aliens … ruthless terrorists … androids with attitude …genetic manipulation … punch-ups with lasers … giant spaceships … what more do you want?

And here is the version from Cosmos books with some extra stories and introductory blurbs from me. I called this The Engineer Reconditioned because well … you recondition an engine.

Apparently it’s being distributed by a company called Diamond and is now selling pretty well. If you’ve got a copy of the one above I recommend you go out and buy a copy of the new edition. It’s received further editing, has those extra stories and blurbs, but that’s not the reason why. You need to wrap the old version in plastic and lock it away in a safe, since I’ve seen copies on eBay up for $125.

Then again, I’m not entirely sure they sell for that since it’s a ‘buy now’ price. But buy the new one anyway!

I’ll shut up now – too much wine.

Here’s Rick Kleffel’s review.

4 thoughts on “The Engineer Books

  1. sweet. i'm that much closer to independent wealth via my library. i have both, of course, and are again, both, hidden away in boxes in plastic bags. but that's just how i pack books.


  2. Ah, the problem with that kind of wealth is that you need to sell your books to be able to bank it. I'll be selling off some of the possibly remunerative book I've acquired over the last few years, but not the ones I like. Then again, possibly not that remunerative, since the stuff I like seems to steadily climb in value and the stuff I don't like flashes noisily onto the scene for a while then quickly fades away.

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