Questions Please.

Here’s some carry-over questions for the next video clip

Sparks: Has the Cormac arc definitively ended, or is there the possibility that we’ll get to see what happens to the polity *after* the events of Line War? We know *something* of the polity must survive or Orlandine’s story would have had less promise (and probably more dispersal of bodily fluids and other important bits).

Inchy: Do you have someone that you bounce your ideas off regarding future tech? The reason I ask is that, like most of my favourite sci-fi authors, the tech employed in your works is, to me anyway, extremely plausible, almost as if its on the cusp of what we can currently achieve. Is this deliberate?

Michael: How did you make your first break into publishing? Its one of those questions that every aspiring Neal Asher wannabe has to ask.
JMC: My question is, how do you come up with the new technologies in your books and the unique ecologies of the planets you create? It seems quite daunting, either that or I am of limited imaginative scope.

Sparks: Actually, “where do you start” is an interesting question in itself – do you start with the story by having an actual storyline in mind and building the environment around that; or do you build the environment in your mind first and see what storyline emerges naturally?

Let’s have some more questions in the comments here. And try to make them specific. A vague question will get a vague answer.

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