Thursday 13th June

Oh well, a quick and unexpected chance to post something more….

It was with much amusement that I watched the BBC report on Greece closing down its state broadcaster. The government there claimed it was a prime example of the profligacy and waste in the Greek system, while the unions claimed it was all the government’s fault because a series of political appointees put in charge. It would be nice to think this had made some at the BBC very uncomfortable, what with its profligacy, waste, political appointees and institutionalized left-wing bias. But they’re just too arrogant there. So how much did this massive new broadcasting centre cost in these ‘times of austerity’ eh?

I see Google is under fire for its tax affairs. This international company is arranging to pay its taxes in countries where taxes are low and though adhering to the law it is, apparently, not adhering to the spirit of the law. Law shouldn’t require the latter form of adherence; something is either right or wrong. If the British government doesn’t like what Google is doing it should change the law. Or, here’s a thought, rein in that socialist greed for other people’s money and drop taxes to the point where international companies are rushing to pay taxes in Britain. We have been in, for some time, that era when bankrupt governments must go cap in hand to wealthy international corporations – something science fiction has been predicting for about 50 years.

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