Wednesday 07/05/14

Damn but the weather can be changeable up here this time of year. One day you’re taking a walk in shorts and T-shirt, while contemplating taking off the shirt to sear your pearly white skin, the next day it’s jeans, jumper and raincoat, with some speculation about a body warmer too. But while I sit in here with the wood burning stove going I also have to take a reality check by looking at the digital thermometer.

I was feeling chilly in the house because the temperature had dropped below 20 inside and out (the outside temp is now rising because the sun is starting to hit the sensor). What a wimp. I’m guessing that my low calorie intake and being wind-blasted up on the mountain while taking a walk have something to do with my chilliness too.

The temperature here is generally much higher than in England (though sometimes at this time of year Essex beats it) and really, if I feeling like warming up a bit I just have to take a trip down to Makrigialos where the temperature is 5 degrees higher. Anyway, bearing in mind higher temperatures and a milder climate, it is time now for an obligatory picture of my veg patch to piss off my English neighbour and my brother:

The geraniums are looking good too after the recent rain:

The radishes will soon be filling out and I could start picking the spring onions now if I so wished. I also have various bean plants coming up and have been picking asparagus (though meagre amounts). Some stuff is of course pointless growing here. Peppers, for example, are €1 for a carrier bag full.

Right, that’s my post for today. Let’s see if I can manage a bit of conversational Greek.   

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