Who Reads my Books? Brendon Kelly

I’m pushing 50, born and raised in New Zealand, and still live here in the capital, Wellington, with my wife and two kids – 11 and 13. I’ve lived in England twice for 4 years and I enjoyed it very much – especially the exchange rate bringing all that cash back to NZ.

I got into Sci-Fi reading at the age of 18 when I picked up Greg Bear’s Eon and couldn’t put it down. I got back into reading when I was in my 30’s mainly on the long commutes into London from Betchworth in Surrey.

My main hobby is wood work. I tend to get grumpy if I haven’t made something in a while. My current project is a Wooden Road bike frame made from laminated American Ash and Australian Jarrah.

I first got into your books when I found Gridlinked, I quickly bought everything you wrote on my kindle and read them, multiple times. Gaps between your books are torture so I tend to read around with other authors during the wait…I feel dirty…

My job is a Lead Engineer, whatever that means, in the Data and Analytics area for a bank. It pays the bills but I’d rather be in my workshop building something or working some land somewhere growing food.

That’s me.

2 thoughts on “Who Reads my Books? Brendon Kelly

  1. Your sentiment of “I’d rather be in my workshop..”-I can identify with that. If I could make money just mooching around my garage…I’d be quite content with the world.

  2. I started with Gridlinked too. I loved how Cormac had to disconnect in order to save his humanity, and spent a lot of time feeling less than he once was.

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